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Address1608,Building 3,No.1250,North Zhongshan No.1 Road,Hongkou District,ShanghaiChina. 201202
TEL: 0086-21-5539-1035, 0086-21-3505-0770
E-mail: export@shdahe.com
  Shanghai DAHE Dental System Co.,Ltd is specialized in research & development and manufacturing of dental equipments. Since the establishment in 1993, we have been following the philosophy^ Take scientific and technological innovation as the core motivation, take technical service as the development support ̄. By which we devote ourselves to the improvement and development of Chinese Oral Cause. The major products cover portable dental system, dental power system, laboratory equipment, dental autoclave [more...]


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DHD-100 Mobile Cart Dental Unit   DHD-110 Mobile Dental Unit   DHD 120 Delivery Cabinet Unit   DHD-130 Deluxe Portable Dental Unit   DHD-140 Bag Dental Unit   DHD-10 Portable Oilless Compressor   DHD-10A Portable Compressor   DH-10C Oilless Compressor   DHD-600 Workstation   DHD-80 Dental Suction System   DHD-80H Mobile Dental Suction System   DHD-800 Dental Power System   DHD-318 Dental Vacuum Autoclave   DHD-15 Simple Portable Dental System   DHD-15H Simple Portable Dental System   DHD-20 Portable Dental Light   DHD-20L Portable Dental Light   DHD-30 Portable Dental Chair   DHD-30B Portable Dental Chair   DHD-40 Portable Dental Stool   DHD-40A Dental Stool   DHD-40B Dental Stool   DHD-300 Dental Chair  
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